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Funerals for people who live in one of our villages can take place in church, at the graveside or in a crematorium.

Though funerals are often arranged through a local funeral director, we are always willing to discuss your arrangements with you, either when someone has died or if you are planning your own funeral in advance. We can be available for services in both church and crematorium, and can offer a variety of options.


If you live outside the benefice but have links with one of our villages, we can also conduct funerals for your loved ones. If you are looking to have a memorial stone on a grave, please contact the Vicar. Graveyards have regulations as to what is allowed and what is not acceptable. Permission is needed before any stone can be erected in a churchyard.


We recognise that bereavement is a difficult time for many, and offer support and pastoral care to all those who are grieving.


If you wish to talk more about this, please contact the Vicar at

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