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Baptism marks a person's entry into the Christian faith. In the New Testament, it is the way in which people publicly express their allegiance to Christ and a decision to follow him. Through baptism a person is welcomed into the worldwide Church family.


All people, adults or children, living in the benefice have a right to be baptised in their parish church. The promises made in the baptism service are strong commitments of a desire to follow Christ and live as a Christian. Adults make these for themselves, but, in the case of a child, parents and godparents make them on the child’s behalf.


If you are unsure about whether you are able to make these promises in good conscience, but still wish to celebrate your child’s birth in some way, we are able to offer a service of thanksgiving. This will include prayers for your child and for those involved in caring for him or her, giving thanks to God for her/him, and an opportunity to commit yourself to caring for your child.


To enquire about a baptism, please contact the Vicar, Sarah Hillman



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