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Restoration Project 2020

Part 3


16th- 18th September and 22nd - 24th September 2020

Steve from Taylor’s Bell Foundry in Loughborough arrived at St Mary’s church with our 6 refurbished clappers, 2 wheels, and new headstocks and stays for the 5th and 6th bells.


The headstocks were hoisted up through the ringing chamber, pendulum room, clock room into the belfry. It was a tight fit!


The wheels were pulled up to the top of the tower with ropes, and the clappers and stays taken up the staircase.


Steve (along with help from Robin, Howard, Paul, Nigel and Emma) worked in the tower, fitting the new headstocks along with the wheels and clappers.


This wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and involved a lot of hard work!


Lastly the 5th and 6th bell were roped back up, and after a few odd jobs , the belfry was emptied and cleaned, and a test ring was carried out.

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