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The World's Best-Seller

The Bible is still the world’s best-selling book, and yet I hazard a guess that many of those copies sold are left unread or only partially browsed. Even among Christians, sadly, many of its pages remain unstudied and unfamiliar. Those who attack Christians also often do so from a position where they have only partly studied what they are criticising or have taken passages out of context or have ignored the breadth of position of interpretation within the Church.

            Why is this best-seller so ignored and misunderstood? It is not an easy book to comprehend. Its language, culture, context and the communities in which it was written are so different from our everyday life. Its underlying story may seem confusing or complicated. There are different types of literature within its covers. It certainly can’t be approached in the same way as we would read a modern novel or biography or reference manual. And often because it takes hard work to “read, mark, learn and inwardly digest” (to use the words of Thomas Cranmer) what is written therein, many people give up.

            One thing that has helped people to have a better grasp of what the Bible is all about is a clearer picture of the Bible’s big story, and how all the chapters and verses are connected to each other and to the story of God, God’s people and the whole of creation from the foundation of the world to eternity.

            For this reason, we will be running the Bible Course in the benefice, beginning on Tuesday 25th September at 7.30 p.m. in the church room at Puddletown. Produced by the Bible Society, the Bible Course is aimed at a wide range of people. You do not have to be an expert, an academic, a churchgoer or even a Christian to join us, as we find out more together. All that is needed is a desire to find out more about this best-selling book, a willingness to learn and an open mind. The sessions are interactive with video clips, discussion, time for personal reflection, and space to ask questions.

            The Bible wouldn’t be the world’s best-selling book if it wasn’t valued and important. So do think about dusting yours off and joining us to find out more. I find that, like God, the more you get to know it better, the more there is to discover. It can be an exciting journey. Why not come and join us?

            With best wishes Sarah                                                 


All participants will need a course manual which costs £5, and a Bible. We will order the manuals before the course begins, so please let Sarah know by 15th September (01305 848784; if you intend to take part.)

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