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All Christmas service plans are provisional because of the uncertainty regarding what restrictions will be in place by the end of December.

We are planning for a number of socially-distanced services for Christmas in addition to our usual Sunday morning acts of worship.

We want to welcome you to join us.


In order to be safe, we are holding some of our most popular services twice, so that there is room for everyone. We will have to ask you to book in advance for these so we can keep numbers at each within the guidelines. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis, but cannot guarantee a specific seat, as these will be dependent on the order in which people arrive at church on the day. Unless you are exempt, government rules require everyone to wear a mask inside the building at all times.


The services listed below are the ones where we require advance bookings. (All other Sunday and Christmas services will be open to those who turn up on the day.)



Sunday 20th December                  4.30 p.m.      Carol Service 1

                                                            6.00 p.m.      Carol Service 2

Christmas Eve                                   3.30 p.m.      Crib Service 1

                                                           5.00  p.m.      Crib Service 2


Please book with Cynthia Metcalfe 01305 848043;



Sunday 13th December                  3.30 p.m.       Carol Service 1

                                                            5.00 p.m.       Carol Service 2

Wednesday 23rd December           3.00 p.m.      Crib Service 1

                                                             4.30 p.m.      Crib Service 2


Please book with Julie Bonner 01305 848027



Sunday 20th December                 11.00 a.m.      Carol Service 1

                                                             3.00 p.m.      Carol Service 2


Please book with Jim Burg 01258 837466

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